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Chilli (red, sharp, dry) knowledge introduction

Author: root     Time: 2015-02-04 14:43:21
Capsicum Solanaceae, annual or perennial vegetable. The origin of tropical South America, was introduced into China in the Ming Dynasty.
All over the country have production, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei most productive. Supply all seasons.
After sun-dried chili peppers mature to dry.
Pepper's quality requirements: As fresh peppers should be uniform in size, solid peel, flesh quality thin and crisp fresh, no bites, black spots and rot for the top grade.
Red chili peppers by drying after products. India pepper called "Red steak"; Mexican chili deemed country food. In many parts of our country are very important chili spices, rice and even without it can not be seen in it's love.
Many kinds of dried peppers are used to make appetizers tune spices, Latin America, along with a variety of dishes especially love. Including Basila pepper (pasilla), An autumn peppers (ancho), Niagara Pannuo pepper, chili morado (mulato) and red chili.