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Neihuang Xinglong Agricultural Products Co., Ltd is a professional agricultrual factory which combines planting with processing and exporting . The main products includes chili series, sweet paprika series, dehydrated vegetable products, garlic series and other spices. All the products are exported to many foreign countries across the world, such as the United States, Korea,Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Venezuela, Dominica, and Southeast Asia countries. Its located in Neihuang County, Henan province which is famous for larg area chilli intensive cultivation , almost planted in every family. Due to the thousands of planting experience, Neihuang county became one of the main chilli orgin in China.

Neihuang Xinglong Agricultural Products Co., Ltd is the largest exporter in Neihuang county who has a planting base more than 1000 mu, a cold storage with 8,000MT,and a workshop with 10,000 SQ.M to insure the products’high quality from plant to export..The company has the most competed and the most advanced production processing equipment. It can produce 8,000 tons of all kinds of chilli , 5,000 tons of garlic and 3,000 tons of other vegetables and spices.

Pursuing high-quality, environmental protection and food safety,Neihuang Xinglong Agricultural Products Co., Ltd has gained the critical certifications of FDA and greatly praised not only by foreign partners but also by Chinese government at all levels.

We persist in the principle of "people-oriented, integrity management", and dedicate to provide our customers from home and abroad high-quality products and best service.

oru advantage

    Big advantage 9

  • 1

    Registered chilli plant base
  • 2

    Professional export all kinds of chilli
  • 3

    The most competitive price
  • 4

    Packing from 25 kg to 400g
  • 5

    Shipping immediately
  • 6

    FDA certificate
  • 7

    Annual production of 5,000 MT
  • 8

    Immediately and professional reply for your question
  • 9

    High quality service after shipment